High-Performance Nitrile Exam Gloves from Portofino Medical Supply

Experience superior protection in healthcare settings with our durable,
chemical-resistant nitrile exam gloves. Designed for optimal safety,
they offer a reliable solution for patient care, laboratory work, and
much more.

  • Patient Examinations

    Nitrile gloves are widely used in routine patient exams in healthcare
    settings, providing a reliable barrier against the transfer of
    microorganisms and fluids.

  • Laboratory Work

    In labs dealing with biohazardous materials and chemicals, nitrile
    gloves are favored for their durability and chemical resistance,
    ensuring safe testing and experiments.

  • High Infection Risk Environments

    Nitrile exam gloves are essential for medical professionals in high-risk
    environments like ERs and ICUs. They offer strong protection against
    infections and are puncture-resistant for safety with sharp instruments.

  • Vaccination and Injection Procedures

    Nitrile gloves, used in administering vaccines or injections, prevent pathogen transmission, ensuring hygiene and safety across healthcare settings.

  • Chemotherapy Procedures

    In chemotherapy procedures involving cytotoxic drugs, nitrile gloves are
    favored for their chemical resistance, providing optimum protection for
    healthcare professionals.

  • Patients with Latex Allergies

    Nitrile gloves, made from synthetic rubber and latex-free, are ideal for
    patients with latex allergies, ensuring safety and comfort in all healthcare settings.

  • Durable Material

    Experience lasting durability with our medical nitrile exam gloves. Designed to withstand rigorous use, they provide protection for a variety of tasks.

  • Comfort Fit

    Our medical nitrile exam gloves combine durability and comfort for reliable protection. Stay comfortable while working.

  • Professional Grade

    Professional-grade performance designed to exceed industry standards. Elevate your protection and performance with confidence.


Bulk Pricing Available

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Affordable & Fast Shipping

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Quality Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our Medical Nitrile Exam Gloves, and your
satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we offer a Quality
Guarantee on all our products. If you find any manufacturing defect or
aren't completely satisfied with the performance of our gloves, we
promise to make it right. Our commitment to quality means you can order
with confidence, knowing you're getting gloves that meet high industry
standards for safety, durability, and comfort. Because when it comes to
protecting your hands, you deserve nothing but the best.